terça-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2012

Are you ready to love???

 Hey guys! I'm so sorry about my delay and disappearence! I've been a lot of things to do and studies... May I come to post more frequently after that I've been acumplished my stuffs. Right?

So, today, I wish to discuss about love.
When I was studying, my mind began to think: How wonderful is the love and how this feeling can change yourself and, consequently, around of you.

Yeah, dude... We ain't free of making mistakes, but, when you want to live better our life, of course, around is changed - for better.

Did you can see how important you are? And, how the world needs you? I don't know if someone will read this lines with this poor english (so sorry... I am improving my english. I'm self taught), but, my desire is: spread the love when I am and go...

Close your eyes and stay tuned of your heart beats! Feel the life running into your veins! If you go out of your selfish and depression, you'll can see a lot of hearts that need you. So, I guess that you deserve to be happy and you have to give this oportunity for yourself and for other people that need just a simple hug or to be listened or simply, a smile, a look... So... Are you ready???

God loves you and I am right that not only I, but, a lot of people loves you too.

Have a nice day! See you next time!

PS: Sorry about my english and mistakes... I'm trying to improve it. Thanks!)

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